Information Technology has a significant impact on corporate governance and the business processes of an organisation. King III requires Directors and Executive Officers to accept the responsibility to administer effective systems of internal control, responsibility to ensure controls and processes in systems are evaluated and tested, responsibility for the total risk management process, responsibility to ensure IT governance is based on sound principles. Boards of directors and executive officers are now clearly the focal point of corporate IT governance. Nkonki’s IT Governance reviews are designed to establish an organisation’s IT maturity levels in accordance with KING III and COBIT. These reviews provide Audit Assurance to the Board of Directors that:

  • Board requirements for IT governance are being met.
  • IT decisions are in line with company’s business strategies and objectives.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements are met.
  • Key IT processes are overseen effectively and transparently.
  • Significant IT investments are measured and monitored.

Nkonki assurance is based on current best practices which include King III, ISO38500, COBIT and Val IT in our assessments and recommendations.

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