The IT Audit division provides advisory and assurance services within the information systems environment. These services ensure that the controls in the general computer and information systems environment and controls over applications used to process financial and operational information, are adequate to enable financial audit to place reliance on the information generated by the systems. The IT Audit Division provides support to both internal and external audit clients. Our team is comprised of Chartered Accountants, Certified Information Systems Auditors, etc.
IT Audit Services include:

  • General Controls Review - audit is designed to address risks which are pervasive across the IS environment.
  • Application Controls Review - audit is designed to address application specific risks during input, processing and output.
  • Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATS) - audit is designed to use computer procedures to process data of audit significance (data analysis) from an organisation's accounting, personnel and other computer systems.
  • Network Reviews - audit is designed to establish the integrity of the networks supporting communication.
  • Security Reviews - audit is designed to establish information security management in an organisation.
  • Disaster Recovery Review - audit is designed to review and test the process, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery of IT infrastructure critical to an organisation.
  • IT Project Review - audit is designed to establish whether IT projects have followed a formalised process and aligned to business requirements.
  • Post Implementation Reviews - audit is designed to establish amongst others whether the intended objectives of implementing an IT solution are aligned to business objectives, to evaluate the adequacy of procedures, controls over input, processing output and to identify potential risks and weakness in controls.
  • SAP Basis and Authorisations Audit - audit is designed to test basis module and segregation of duties amongst users.
  • IT Due diligence - System reviews on a mergers and acquisition transaction.
  • IT Tender Process / Procurement - Evaluate tender compliance review process.

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Process Assurance - Analysis to identify deviations to a best practice process or even benchmarked processes.
IT Audit training - Training to an internal audit department
IT Audit Department Evaluation - as part of IIA Quality Assessment Review process.
IT Policy and Procedure Review - Evaluation and Compilation of standard IT policies.
IT System Selection - facilitates a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for an organisation.