Nkonki Forensic Services takes a revolutionary approach to white-collar crime, expanding the scope of forensic accounting to include investigations into theft, fraud, corruption, money-laundering and risk. Nkonki takes a pro-active, thorough and holistic approach to the business of forensic investigation and offers Forensic Accounting and Investigations, Fraud Risk Management and Forensic Computer Technology Solutions.

Forensic accounting and investigative assignments involve probing financial and accounting issues, often in a legal or regulatory context. Each investigation is different and requires specialised skills for a speedy and reliable outcome. We tailor-make our assignments to suit individual needs and circumstances. Based on our experience of investigating financial fraud, we produce comprehensive reports addressing all areas of concern in accordance with an agreed mandate. These investigations often require using our in-depth industry knowledge and investigative experience.

Our asset tracking and recovery service is designed to establish what assets have gone missing, where they have gone, how to get them back and what urgent steps need to be taken to optimize the recovery process. Our extensive experience also enables us to assist with various investigations that the modern corporation might need to minimise risks or protect its reputation. Examples include screening of new employees, background checks on suppliers, and non-financial due diligence investigations or reputation checks on prospective business partners. We also conduct internal investigations into the conduct of company officials, presenting our findings at enquiry proceedings into the affairs of insolvent estates.

Nkonki also assists clients with the development and implementation of unique Fraud Prevention Plans. The benefits of implementing such plans are not only financial but also reduce demand on management time and improve corporate image and morale. Nkonki can also assist companies to develop customized Codes of Conduct and assist in the development and roll out of the Fraud Prevention Plans. The consultants in Nkonki's trailblazing Forensic division are sourced from a variety of backgrounds and are skilled in the diverse disciplines required to supply clients with a world class, holistic forensic offering. The team is comprises of Chartered Accountants, Information Systems Auditors and Programmers, Computer Forensics and Certified Fraud Examiners. We have access to private investigators, handwriting specialists, etc. Other services provided by our Forensic team of experts include:-

  • Civil litigation issues, including shareholder disputes.
  • Employee disciplinary hearings.
  • Probity investigations.
  • Forensic due diligence.
  • Tender application investigations.
  • Insurance disputes.
  • Services to regulatory bodies, including license application investigations.
  • Asset tracking and valuation during marital disputes.
  • Money laundering investigations.

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