External Audit is at the heart of our practice. The company prides itself on exceeding, rather than just meeting statutory requirements by assisting clients in achieving maximum efficiency and maximum return. Nkonki Audit Division specialises in the provision of value added recommendations during the process of coming to an opinion on the soundness of financial statements. Furthermore, the division provides clients with assistance in overcoming potential problem areas by addressing issues as they arise.

Nkonki External Audit Division is supported by various specialist skills, which include Certified Information Systems Auditors, Treasury Specialists, Tax Specialists and the Technical Department.

The Technical Department of the firm provides technical training to all our professional staff, keeps them up to date with all the changes that take place in the Accounting, Auditing and Tax fields. Various publications, which are available on our website, include Tax Card, Sustainability Reporting, Companies Act, King III and the Quick Reference Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards.

Our External Audit client base spreads across a variety of industries which include:- Airline, Asset management, Pension Funds, Medical Aids, Short term and Long term Insurance, Foreign Exchange, Educational Institutions, Investment Companies, Telecommunications, etc.
If you are interested in our External Audit services, please click here (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)