It is critical that companies receive assurance that their business continuity processes are in place to ensure continuous service across the business.

The assurance processes include a business impact analysis which considers the impact of a disruption of critical organisational activities, risk assessment considers the threats and vulnerabilities to the company’s business activities and business continuity options and response activities that are aligned to business impact analysis and risk assessment.

Nkonki’s BCP assurance is based on British Standards on Business Continuity which includes a review against the following areas:

  • People – identify appropriate strategies for maintaining core skills and knowledge.
  • Premises – strategies to reduce the impact of unavailability of its current site.
  • Information – vital information is protected and recovered according to timeframes prescribed.
  • Suppliers – identification and management of an inventory of its core suppliers.
  • Stakeholders – organisations ability to consider and protect the interest of its key stakeholders.
  • Technology – nature of the technology employed & its relationship to critical activities.

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