Thuto Masasa wins Young Accountant of the Year 2016

Thuto Masasa wins Young Accountant of the Year 2016 Kreston International, the global network of independent accounting firms, is pleased to announce that Thuto Masasa, Director at Kreston's firm in South Africa, Nkonki Incorporated, has won Young Accountant of the Year at the 2016 International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) and The Accountant (TA) Awards. The ceremony took place in London last night following a one day industry forum, at which Thuto chaired the session on the Global Accountancy Landscape.

Thuto is one of the leading practitioners advising South African organisations on the development of their Integrated Reporting and is actively involved with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Since 2011, Nkonki has been tracking how South African SOCs are adopting integrated reporting best practice thereby creating a significant body of research to assist SOCs on their journey towards improved reporting. Nkonki recently announced the results of its sixth Annual State Owned (SOC) Integrated Reporting Awards, with top honours going to the Airports Company South Africa SOC Limited.

The judges decided that Thuto best met the criteria for young professionals that have made a significant contribution to the industry in the 10 years since qualifying.

Thuto commented:
“It is an honour to have been recognised by the profession here in London doing something that I truly believe in and believe will change the landscape of the capital markets and society globally if companies, investors and other stakeholders at large embrace it. Integrated Reporting is one of the three shifts we have heard the world talk about lately, shifting from silo reporting together with inclusive capitalism and long term capital markets. Society is looking for sustainability in order to have stability.

I would to thank all at Nkonki and at Kreston International for believing in me and supporting me with this remarkable thought leadership.

Finally, thank you to the International Integrated Reporting Council for attending and endorsing our events and to the Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa Working Group for constantly challenging me on the subject matter and to South African corporates for embracing this challenge”.

Other nominees in the Young Accountant of the Year award category included Thomas Gillan, CFO of Social Investment Scotland, Simon Byrne, Audit Director at HLB Sheehan Quinn and Inderveer Hothi, Senior Investment Manager at UK Trade and Investment.

Kreston’s Director of Quality and Professional Standards, Andrew Collier, who also attended the event added: “Congratulations to Thuto on this richly deserved award and I am sure that she will continue to make a significant contribution to the development of Integrated Reporting in both South Africa and Globally.”

Nkonki’s full Integrated Reporting survey results document can be downloaded here

Thuto Masasa wins Young Accountant of the Year 2016

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