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12 October 2015 - Rosebank Hyatt

Nkonki Inc was excited to launch an Annual Audit Committee Conference that is dedicated to address Listed Company Audit Committee issues.

From a line-up of international and local speakers, to the topics that are relevant to everyday challenges Audit Committee members face, this Listed Company AACC is a must to attend.

As an Audit Committee member of a JSE Listed Company, you need to attend this conference, and by the end of the day you will:

  • Understand from the IAASB the reasons behind the New Auditor Report and how you need to embrace it as an Audit Committee member;
  • Gain insights on what keeps the JSE TOP 100 Listed Company Audit Committees awake;
  • Learn from the issues that the Financial Reporting Panel deals with to ensure that you keep alert to those areas of non-compliance;
  • Receive a technical update on King 4, on IFRS 15 and JSE Listing Requirements, by the most informed on these topics;
  • Understand how the IIRC framework is being applied with by the Top 100 JSE Listed Companies;
  • Understand how you need to shape your agenda to align with global trends; and
  • Get an opportunity to participate and have your views heard on what the international regulation can do to influence value add from the assurance providers you heavily rely upon.

Networking included lunch with one of the most prominent speakers.

Download the conference programmes: