Our Values inform our service ethos

We recognise the credibility that auditors bring to capital markets and this is based on the foundation of trust, a concept that informs the way we deliver on our approach. To be a trusted business advisor, means we must:

  • provide robust assurance
  • be responsive to your needs
  • deliver benefits to you that are tangible
  • demonstrate empathy for you and your journey; and
  • be reliable and dependable

Robust Assurance comes through the adoption of a risk based methodology that focuses on risk areas that are not important for just financial statement reporting purposes, but also meet your specific business needs.

We are Responsive in that we are proactive in co-developing expectations with you and will implement a robust project management approach to ensure that there are no surprises at the end. In addition, we have transitioned seamlessly into large and complex engagements and have a truly tried and tested plan for a seamless transition.

Tangible value comes in the form of insights on topical matters and pragmatic recommendation to findings that not only responds to financial statement risks, but also business and internal control risks. You have access to specialist skills beyond audit. These include access to International Financial Reporting Standards subject matter specialists; skills pertaining to Corporate Governance, Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting; Information Technology; Corporate Finance matters; Forensic skills; Actuarial Valuations; and Taxation skills.

We are Empathetic to the needs of clients and will deliver insights on best practice and matters that will affect your business through class leading thought leadership.

We are Reliable in that we are fully capacitated to respond to all your needs. We’re a truly South African firm with a global reach and will leverage our global Kreston network to deliver international value to you.