Audit Committee members are always challenged to be on top of their game when it comes to the ability to evaluate and interrogate the numbers presented to them.This alert is intended to provide an overview of the most recent and available data on key economic indicators which can be used as a backdrop when dealing with specific agenda items.  Based on the evolving trends, it concludes with a short- to medium-term outlook on the South African economy.

We hope that this information will equip audit committee members to better understand the current economic environment as well as provide a context for the complex and challenging issues that the companies are facing. It is also designed to assist you in your role by providing deeper insights around any numbers or assumptions used to enable you to make informed decisions.

Key national account indicators (e.g. GDP and current account balance), as well as key confidence indices are presented using the latest quarterly data and for the remainder of the indicators, monthly data is used with the primary research done by Nkonki’s strategic partner, Pan-African Investment & Research Services led by Dr Iraj Abedian.


Alert 4: SA Economic Update Alert 4: SA Economic Update